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The Valley Party's Posters

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Football is a cornerstone of British society and this is why an object associated with Charlton Athletic belongs in HoGBLOG. The Valley has been the football club’s home since the year 1919 though since this time they have played at no less than four different stadiums. It therefore comes as no surprise to learn that the relationship between the Valley and Charlton fans has been described as ‘love-hate’. The following blog will reflect upon the Addick’s love for the stadium and this will be done through a variety of posters. Moreover, these posters exemplify the troubles the club has had in keeping the stadium and why Charlton deserves an object within HoGBLOG.

As previously mentioned, Charlton Athletic have a vast history full of iconic moments and this can be seen through the events of the 1980s and the 1990s. This time period saw the club littered with financial issues and this led to failed upkeep of The Valley and a lack of funds to meet safety requirements. As a result of this, the Addicks became part of the first official ground sharing arrangements in the Football league in thirty-six years. The turn of the decade saw little change in Charlton’s situation as plans, led by a consortium of supporters, to completely rebuild the stadium were rejected by Greenwich Borough Council. After this disappointment, the club created their own local political party, ‘The Valley Party’. The party went on to receive 15,000 votes in the 1990 local elections and succeeded in getting plans for a new stadium approved. The posters below represent the efforts made by ‘The Valley Party’ and the ways in which this movement became a big part of Greenwich history. The Valley reopened in December 1992 and cemented Charlton’s reputation as a proper football club.

Overall, these posters belong within HoGBLOG as it reflects the relationship between Charlton Athletic and the people of Greenwich. I saw this first-hand as Charlton Athletic were the first team I watched play football and they ignited my love for the sport through their family-like atmosphere. This blog was only possible with help from the Charlton Athletic Museum. This Museum defines everything that is right with football as they represent their club and its history perfectly. All details concerning this organisation will be below, I recommend anyone with the slightest association with Charlton Athletic to visit this warm community of history keepers.

This post is dedicated to the late Seb Lewis, the ultimate Charlton Athletic fan.


Address: The Charlton Athletic Museum, The Valley, Floyd Road, London SE7 8BL



Twitter: @CHATHMuseu

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