Memorial to Doug Mullins, milkman who supplied most of (central) Greenwich . His family ran a local shop on Royal Hill


Plaque in Visitors Centre of ORNC (2020). John Blanke was a trumpeter to Henry VIII. Plaque Originally created for BBC History series: "Black and British- forgotten lives."


"Ghost Bike" Vanburgh Hill. These bikes are locked to railings across Greenwich and London to mark the sites where cyclists have unfortunately been killed by lorries or cars.


Wall of Greenwich park. Commemorating Ignatius Sancho - an 'African' who worked as a manservant in Greenwich (enslaved). He eventually became a free man and had a very successful and amazing life - as the plaque outlines.


Mural (now erased) on Flamsteed Estate - featuring John Flamsteed the Astronomer Royal (1675–1719)


Tribute to Gordon well-loved local resident, also hairdresser. Installed on Ballast Quay, East Greenwich. "English Heritage"run the official Blue Plaque scheme which has over 900 plaques around London- around 16 across Greenwich.

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