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Elephant Art Deco Outside of Bill's

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Everywhere, everyone, and everything has a history behind it, no matter how small or large that may be. For example, above the restaurant Bill’s (located next to Greenwich Market) there are multiple elephant heads that decorate the outside the Building. Before becoming a restaurant, this building was a Burtons Menswear shop, a business known to possess a number of buildings with works of art on the outside of them. The appearance of elephants outside these building can be seen throughout cities and towns inside the United Kingdom. These unassuming elephants, as seen below, therefore represent the history of the building, Greenwich, and a small part of the UK.

Stone carved art deco elephants on former Burton shop front
Art Deco Elephants still decorate Nelson Rd shop facade

The structure has undergone a multitude of changes since it was built though these elephants reflect what once part of the "brand" of the Burton's menswear store. This is why they belong within HoGBLOG. The people of Greenwich should know that everything, even if minute, has a history and these elephants embody this claim.

Mosaic "logo" from Burtons store in Greenwich
Burton "logo" on steps to "Bills"restaurant

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